About the Label category

dadamachines is opening up as a label for open source music technology.

What is the label idea?

Give people with ideas access to:

  • brand & community
  • product & interaction design
  • software & hardware framework
  • production & distribution


  • Developers, hackers, creative technologists & musicians with ideas for software or hardware should be able to focus on the development of these ideas instead of dealing with bureaucracy and legal obstacles.


  • Physical

    • Bimonthly “stammtisch” / regulars table in the new studio.
    • The new studio in the center of Berlin has a lab for electronics prototyping. [ Solder paste printer, Pick and place machine and reflow oven. The next thing on the list is a laser cutter. ]
  • Digital

    • dadamachines discourse > label & development category for contributors
    • dadamachines Slack [for people who want to have one to one chat with others]

What we are working on currently:

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