3 beginner questions

Hey all, I have 3 questions concerning the automat kit before I make the purchase…

  1. Is it standalone? I dont want to use a computer but hardware sequencers

  2. I only found one post about the automat on a drum kit, which would be my primary use. I couldnt figure out how loud can you excite the drum elements. The poster said “not nearly like a human hitting the drum but you can get nice attacks” and thats kind of abstract for me.

I am concerned that if I want to use this setup live in lets say a concert situation with loud PA I wouldnt be able to get the drums to sound loud enough in PA without risking major feedback from needed gain if the automat is very quiet on a drum set.

So I would appreciate if someone could kind of estimate how loud can it get. 50 percent loud compared to a normal human drum hit (not hitting like crazy), 30%, 10%?

  1. Is there any noticeable delay / latency present which would not work if I want to combine the acoustic solenoid part with electronic sequences.

Thank you so much

This setup is MIDI compatible, so you can run from a PC/Mac or any hardware device that has MIDI. It is not standalone. You need at least a MIDI controller or a sequencer (hardware/software) to run it.

Using this setup live with other instruments is hit or miss. So much depends on the nature of the other instruments, what the venue is like, how you have stuff laid out, and what you are triggering.

If you are using this live in a situation with a PA, you have to consider adding transducers to capture the vibration of elements you are triggering, or creative mic setups to do the same. Same as you would with a live percussionist. If I had a conga player on stage with me, playing through a loud PA, I would probably need to have him miked up.

Loudness, again, depends on what you are triggering, and the environment. In a dead room, your setup will sound different than a large reverberant space.