Automat not working. What to do?

Hellow my name is Benet! I have a Dadamachine that has been conected and working for some shows, but today seems is not working any more.

I try everything, to do the learning, but the midi in led is activated without the cable usb!
Is any way to make a reset total? The fuse inside is ok, pluged on 24V, but no response with the learnings?

Is any technical suport arround? Some one can fix it if i send it?


@Benet Hey, sorry to hear about your issue.

  1. Do you have connected the automat with USB or with MIDI cables?
  2. Did you press the buttons on the automat?

I think you are probably in update mode with your unit.
This means you need to install the software update file on the automat again.

If the automat is in update mode it will be visible as a USB Drive (like an USB stick) on your computer.
Please check this link for the update instructions.

I am currently working on a new documentation site for the automat.
Hopefully this will be released within the next couple of weeks.


Maybe this info is helpful for others too. As you fixed the issue with doing a software update. Please remember for the future that you only use the LEARN Button for configuration. Don’t press the “RESET” Button. I will change the name of the “RESET” to “UPDATE” Button. As for RESET you need to unplug the Power Supply and USB Cable.
Do not press the RESET.