automat-software version 2.0.0

For how to update your automat firmware check out this forum post

Hi everyone,

we are really excited to share this automat-software 2.0.0 – firmware update with all of you.

We have been working on this update – giving you most of the features we imagined already before our kickstarter campaign for a very long time.

Todays release wouldn’t have been possible without the great support of the dadamachines community. Extra special thanks to Justin Pedro aka @Lefty and Jelle Akkerman @Jelle !

What do you get with the new firmware Version 2.0.0?

Most important – A visual configuration interface to get the best velocity possible with your automat:

Click here to learn how to run a firmware update on your automat and get the lastest automat-software.

The configuration interface allows you to adjust all settings of your automat in great detail.

If you are wondering the Simple Learn and Advanced Learn Mode pressing the LEARN Button on the automat still work like before.

What settings can you choose in the configuration interface?

1. Gate-Time in Milliseconds (Set the min. and max. values which map to the 127 steps of velocity for each output.

2. MIDI Channel (OMNI or 1-16)

3. MIDI Note

4. Curve (Leave that on Normal for standard Operation > we will explain this later)

5. Test

  • “L - 1” for configuration of the Gate-Time for Velocity Value “1”
  • “L - 127” for configuration of the Gate-Time for Velocity Value “127”

6. Gives your a Visual Feedback of the Response Curve - which is mostly for later features we will add.

How to use the configuration tool?

Check out the short video:

Or follow the instructions on the page of the configuration interface.
[Note: Please use Google Chrome]


  1. Share your feedback below
  2. Get involved in the development of future versions of the firmware or configuration tool. Find the sources on github here:
    2.1. Firmware:
    2.2. Configuration tool:

This works really well! I was able to tune a nice velocity range for the stuff I’m working on easily.

One thing I’m not quite sure of though, is how you use this in practice. So I’ve tweaked the settings and written them to the automat and using the web interface, it acts like I expect.

But once I’m in another program, the MIDI note length I’m sending “takes over”, and sort of ignores the internal scaling/remapping.

To be more specific. In my case I’ve set the configuration tool to a range of 19-60 and saved that. Then in Max/MSP I’m using makenote to send a note on and off value.

When I do this, the note-off timing seems to override the internal gate timing.

edit: Ok, I think I figured it out. I should be sending only note-ons, and let the velocity message dictate to the automat what the gate time should be.

also you need to store your settings before you use the configuration with tools like Ableton, Max/MSP or Logic for example.
I think in practice it makes a lot of sense to keep SYSEX files with your configuration as a backup > to recall a state you liked / worked out before.

But happy for all feedback. For now we are happy its out and people start using it and giving us some valuable ideas how to improve further.

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Yup that makes sense.

I did write it, and also saved a .syx file (handy feature!) in case I want to save/test multiple configurations.

Oh, two other thoughts occurred to me, with regards to the web interface. First would be having some kind of RESET button, to take all the gate durations back to factory settings, and the other was having an option to write all outputs with one slider (like an ‘all’ mode). In my case, since I’m doing the same thing with all of them, I had to manually adjust each slider to be exactly the same.