Automat stopped working


as of sudden, my Automat doesn´t work anymore.
I didn´t change anything but the mapping due to changing my controller.
Then my solenoids just stopped moving. If I connect a solenoid with a lower voltage, I does move a bit, but there suddenly seems to be a lack of power coming out of the outputs.

And then the inevitable happend. I tried to remap again to check, if my old controller still works and hit the Reset-Button-Of-Death…

So now in addition to not working anymore I can´t even update my Automat to check, if a fresh firmware would solve my problems.

Is there any chance to get it up and running again??
This is kind of a catastrophe because I am only some days away from a gig I really need the device for and I doesn´t seem to be able to actually get a new device if the old one just died…