automat toolkit - long cables / large spaces

What to do if you are looking to realize a setup in a large space?
Or when you need to cover long distances between your computer/automat?

I generally advise using DIN MIDI if you aren’t sure about the grounding of your electrical outlets. Why? Using DIN MIDI you have isolation between your computer and the automat.

Typical Setups

  1. DIN MIDI:
  • Computer to USB MIDI Interface [typical USB cable length up to 5 meters / 10 meters with common active cables]
  • USB MIDI Interface to automat 1,2,3,… [typical MIDI cable max. 10meters]
  • Optional From automat 1 to automat 2,3,… [typical MIDI cable max. 10meters]
  • Computer to automat using USB connection [typical USB cable length up to 5 meters / 10 meters with common active cables] always connect automat power supply and computer power supply to the same outlet / ground / earth

Large Space Setups
I would almost every time suggest to go for an ethernet based solution. With ethernet you can go 100 meters from your computer to the ethernet to MIDI controller.

Of the shelf solutions:

DIY solutions:
You could also build your own solution for ethernet > that would require to either put a ethernet shield on your automat or connect a ethernet controller to the extension port of the automat. On the software side you would need to compile your own automat-software or work with a second MCU together with the network controller and connect to the automat on the extension port via I2C.

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Thanks Johannes :slight_smile: What if you want to cover a long distance between the automat and the solenoids, so that the instruments/solenoids can be spread throughout a large space?

Hi Brian,
the kit comes with 2m cables. But thats actually due to European regulations for EMV.
I have used 5m cables successfully. Not sure what length will still work well, as at some point your current will drop.

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it seems that MIDI4+ is just replaced by their new interface mioXM

Looks good. Maybe we should add those to the webshop in the future.

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