Clock from USB input to MIDI Thru?

Would it be possible to have the clock signal from the USB input (coming from iOS sequencer) come out the MIDI Thru port, or is the MIDI Thru port inextricably tied to MIDI In?


@Josephj There is a solder jumper / jumper inside which would allow to use the MIDI THRU as MIDI OUT. But so far there is no firmware supporting this. It shouldn’t be so hard to do that… but i am not sure how many people would need this feature.
The firmware source files are here:

Thanks for the reply! Do you think something like this would add latency, compared to the existing MIDI In/MIDI Thru chain?

As far as usefulness, I figured an outgoing MIDI Thru clock would be just as useful for someone using USB MIDI IN as it would be for someone using the MIDI In DIN port, but perhaps it’s just me.

As the automat is great for installations, chaining the controllers was important for me. This is why the default setup is designed for lowest possible latency. Doing the THRU/OUT option via the Microcontroller will add some latency. But no numbers here.

Very helpful. Thanks!