Computer can't detect automat

Hello, This keeps happening, sometimes my computer just cannot see the automat.
The internal red light is on. But when I press the midi learn button there are no yellow LEDs.

This has happened many times now. My automat is unusable as is. Any help would be appreciated. I feel like scrapping the whole thing.



Hi @blungo2 I answered already to your kickstarter message. And i would prefer if you send an email like you did in the past.
I am not really sure what you are doing with your unit.
Usually you set it up once, you never have to press any buttons again and i just works for month, years… We used the units in installations for sometimes 6 Month without a reboot, 24/7.
If you want to we can exchange your unit to another one. But i think there is probably an issue with your computer / software setup which is causing the issues.
In general its always a good idea to connect from the automat to the interface via MIDI connection (as the device is isolated 100% if you do so)
If you connect via USB you should best case always have the AUTOMAT power supply and your computer on the same power outlet - otherwise you can see noise or ground loops.

Thanks, but I couldn’t find your email address.

Why are you blaming me for the problems with my unit? I didn’t make it.

I’ll try running through a midi interface. If that is the preferred way to use it, it should have been included in the instructions.

How do I go about returning my unit?

@blungo2 my email is still where you wrote to me before. i am not checking the forum every day. so i was a bit suprised to find this thread here… and no contact via email, thats it.

i am not blaming you for the problems. i am just saying that it can be your setup.

regarding the return please send me an email if you want to return your complete kit or just want the controller replaced.

i hope we figure this out that you will be happy with your kit. J

I’m having this problem too. USB is unreliable

Have to switch ports and power on and off a lot to resolve. Takes me 20-30 mintues usually

Hi @Tbense
Sorry to hear that you are running into problems. Still we need more information to help with the issue.

  1. What operating system are you using?
  2. What kind of computer are you using?
  3. What software are you using?
  4. How did you connect your automat?
  • The power supply of the automat has to be in the same outlet / mains as the computer > or the computer has to be disconnected.

  • This isn’t because of the design of the automat but because if you have two devices with different potentials the ground connection has to be as short as possible - the ground has to be the same. So if you space / house has bad wiring of the mains you will run into problems.

  • PLEASE NEVER try to press the RESET button of the automat to RESET the device. The RESET button is called that way because the chip vendor of the microcontroller calls it RESET. But in fact it’s not reseting anything. That button is only needed to update the device. So just leave it and don’t touch it. If you pressed it you will be in update mode and the automat can’t be detected as a USB MIDI device.

The simple solution is always in any case to work with DIN MIDI as the input connection.

Anyway. Happy to schedule a call with you to resolve this asap. Send me an email to