Computer can't detect automat


Hello, This keeps happening, sometimes my computer just cannot see the automat.
The internal red light is on. But when I press the midi learn button there are no yellow LEDs.

This has happened many times now. My automat is unusable as is. Any help would be appreciated. I feel like scrapping the whole thing.




Hi @blungo2 I answered already to your kickstarter message. And i would prefer if you send an email like you did in the past.
I am not really sure what you are doing with your unit.
Usually you set it up once, you never have to press any buttons again and i just works for month, years… We used the units in installations for sometimes 6 Month without a reboot, 24/7.
If you want to we can exchange your unit to another one. But i think there is probably an issue with your computer / software setup which is causing the issues.
In general its always a good idea to connect from the automat to the interface via MIDI connection (as the device is isolated 100% if you do so)
If you connect via USB you should best case always have the AUTOMAT power supply and your computer on the same power outlet - otherwise you can see noise or ground loops.


Thanks, but I couldn’t find your email address.

Why are you blaming me for the problems with my unit? I didn’t make it.

I’ll try running through a midi interface. If that is the preferred way to use it, it should have been included in the instructions.

How do I go about returning my unit?


@blungo2 my email is still where you wrote to me before. i am not checking the forum every day. so i was a bit suprised to find this thread here… and no contact via email, thats it.

i am not blaming you for the problems. i am just saying that it can be your setup.

regarding the return please send me an email if you want to return your complete kit or just want the controller replaced.

i hope we figure this out that you will be happy with your kit. J