Connect electromagnets instead of solenoids

Hi !
I just wanted to know if it is possible to connect a couple of electromagnets to the dada automat ?
My goal would be to automatise a couple of harp strings, it works better with electromagnets than solenoids actually.
Thank you very much,


Hi Dorian,

yes you can use electromagnets.
Best case they don’t draw more than 1.3A continuous at 24V.
The outputs on the automat are protected. So if you use a electromagnet that is TOO BIG nothing bad should happen. But the electromagnet might not work reliable if so.

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I wish I could pre-order now a toolkit !

Thank you for the replies.

@Dorian, that sounds quite cool.

Do post back if you get something working as I’d be curious to see what you get working with this.

I ordered a kit, I’m waiting now to receive it.
I will give you news once it’s done.

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