Connect more than 2 automats together

Hi !
First of all, I would like to write to the dadamachines team a big bravo for your realisation with that automat midi controller, it looks visually amazing and it gives so much possibility to people to realise any kind of music…!

I was wondering, is it possible to connect together a couple of automats (like 4 or 5), and if yes, how can we do that ? With a cable ? If I’m using a computer to control the midi file I want to be played, will it go thru all the automats ?

I put my email on the waitlist for the automat and the automat toolkit S,
do you know in about how many time will it be available ?

Thank you so much for what you did,
Dorian from France.

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Hi Dorian,

you can connect multiple automats together. If you do so you need to use an MIDI Interface (for example and connect this to the first automat via DIN-MIDI.
Why? The THRU port is directly connected to the DIN-MIDI IN port. It’s done this way to keep the latency as low as possible.

For advanced users:
Inside of the automat is a jumper to make THRU / OUT from the USB MIDI signal > but that requires that you solder a jumper there and change the software.

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Thank you very much for the quick answer.
The MIDI interface to control all the automats makes sense,
I’m looking forward to test all of that !!
Do you know in about how many weeks the automats and toolkits will be available to pre-order ?

Thank you so much for your work,
it’s much appreciated.

Just to complete my answer.
You could also have multiple automats connected to one computer with a USB Hub. If that is an option in terms of reliable cabling.
Important: If you use USB to connect you should always have the computer and the power supply(s) of the automat on the same power outlet to prevent ground loops.