Dadamachines still in business?

Hi, Wondering if dada machines are still selling kits? I’m very interested. Is there a phone number or email to reach them?

A question for people who are already using them, how noisy is the actually actuator?

I record very quiet instruments and any noise is an issue.




It seems to… They posts stories sometime on Instagram…

Hi Dan,
sorry for the late reply.
Right now dadamachines is still very much in hibernation mode.
I am currently waiting that new stock ( a new batch of toolkits ) is finished. I had quite a hard time to find new suppliers for some of the parts.
Schneidersladen keeps a waiting list: Dadamachines - Automat Toolkit L | Elektroakustische Systeme | Elektroakustik | Schneidersladen Berlin - Modulare Synthesizer
There is a smaller batch (50 units) coming the next couple of weeks, at least thats what the manufacturer told me yesterday.
More units will come probably around end of march / april – this is also when I am planning to go back doing dadamachines fulltime.


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