Doppler Questions


I was considering buying he Doppler but I have some questions.

  • I currently use the Icestorm toolchain and am comfortable with it. Do I really need to use the Docker container?
  • From what I can tell, it seems the SAMD uses a portion of its Flash for configuring the FPGA via [PATHTO]/top.bin.h . I see Arduino code for flashing it. So when the board is power-cycled is the FPGA configured from a “ special boot ” Arduino sketch? I saw this code is the examples:
    #include "[PATHTO]/top.bin.h" // set up the path to doppler_simple_io or custom firmware
  • So would I need to run a Arduino sketch manually on each power-up?
  • The Lattice bitstream size recommended–from the specs–indicates ~833Kb. Does this mean the rest of the SAMD Flash is available for anything else including other bitstreams?
  • Is there any other forums or sites catering to the Doppler?