Doppler stock

Sorry for the hassle. Been watching the site since the CDM article in March, just wondering how stock is coming along. I don’t mind pre-ordering if that makes it easier.

@Polite It’s coming we sadly had a delay because Sven who is the collaborator on that project was in holidays. They will be back in stock next week and ship right away.

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Just checking in. Still no stock?

Our production partner had a delay with making the new boards.
Sitting here and waiting… :frowning:
I hope we can put them on the webshop very soon!

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Just saw that stock came through. Ordered and excite. Thanks!

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I wish it could be sent as soon as now !

Hi Guys,

I ordered one of these 11 days a go when they first came into stock and have not heard anything since.

How long do they take to be sent out?

Many thanks


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Hi Andi,

i hope your order arrived already. If not i can send you the tracking number.

What about the automats ? Why does it takes so long to send them ?
Thank you.

Hi Dorian, because they are sold out and have to be manufactured first.

From our Website:
" PRE-ORDER >> Secure your automat today!
We started production of the 2nd batch of automat-toolkits in the first week of July.
As the toolkit(s) contain many custom parts the manufacturing and delivery of all components will take until end of September 2019.
Expected delivery of all kits ordered today is in October 2019.
The hardware is 100% identical to the first batch we manufactured after our kickstarter in 2017."

I see, and does it change something if we pay the full amount in 1 time or pay just a deposit ?
The full amount would have to be paid in october anyway ?

Yeah. Doesn’t change much.
Deposit just means paying less now and pay the rest before we ship.
Besides that i will send send a coupon code for a free dadamachines tshirt to all people who pay the full amount now.

All right,
will you send an email to recall to pay the rest of the order ? I just paid a deposit for the moment.
Thank you.

Yes. There will be an Email reminder one or two weeks before shipping. I hope thats fine for you?

Okay that’s perfect,
I can’t wait to try the automat.

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