Electrical specs?

I’m looking for a bit of documentation regarding the electrical specs.


  • What is the voltage used to drive the solenoids (or other actuators)?
  • What is the max current?
  • Is there some kind of protection against over current or short circuit?


  • Rated voltage?
  • Current consumption?

@murmichel good that you are asking about this information.

dadamachines - automat specs:


  • USB Powered - only for development / hacking without Actuators connected.
  • DC Powered - Power Supply 9V-24V - DC Barrel Plug 2.5 x 5.5mm Center Positive - 8A max current (protected by 5x20mm Cartridge Fuse (Feinsicherung)
  • The Power Supply coming with the automat toolkit has 24V - 160W - 6.6A


  • DC Outputs are always the same voltage you feed the automat - each Channel is limited to 1.4A current
  • The switching Transistor / MOSFETs for the Outputs are protected (Overload protection, Short circuit protection, Overvoltage protection, Current limitation and Thermal shutdown with auto restart)
  • Each Output has a Flyback Diode for protection against inductive loads

FYI added this info to the dadamachines website as well: https://dadamachines.com/getstarted/automat-specification/

dadamachines - automat toolkit - solenoids


To be clear, is the output voltage (roughly) the same as the input voltage? I.e., with a 24V power supply, do I get 24V at the outputs?

@murmichel Yes. The Outputs are the same voltage you feed the automat. The automat is switching the Ground connection.

Schematic layout of the Output Channel(s)… looks like this.

Can someone with a better understanding of EE than me explain whether/why it is a good idea to switch the ground connection?

I would have expected that the supply voltage were switched. Considering that ground or something close to it is everywhere, there’s a failure case were the supply voltage is present at a solenoid and the other connector inadvertently touches ground.