For those who have laser cut their own parts...

I’ve finally located at least one option for getting some extra parts laser cut. Now I am trying to determine what kind of budget is reasonable for such work. Let’s say I want to have one panel of both the wood and acrylic parts made, on same or similar material as the originals. What should I look to pay for time/materials at an average maker space that offers this service?

Anyone have this experience yet?

I think i got a single set offer in Berlin years ago at a service which asked for 80 Euro.
My files might even work without changing on this website: just to see a price.
There are also international alternatives offering Lasercut Parts on demand.

Thanks. I am finding a few options both locally and online. Varies widely depending on the materials used, turnaround time, etc. I’m aiming for something in the US.

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See my summary here: