Hacking the on-board Arduino to add buttons that send midi notes

Just checking the github and not much has been posted yet on uploading and changing the Arduino code. Any suggestions where I could start ?

I’m looking forward to adding some buttons to my board that send midi notes based on which button is pressed.



Hi @Lou,

i am a bit behind with updating the github with the software package. I will try todo this the next days.
You want the buttons to trigger the solenoids or just work as midi controller?

Cool! thats great to hear. I want to be able to assign buttons to the trigger outputs, so that different buttons trigger different solenoids on the board.

@Lou I have updated / uploaded the latest version of the software & Arduino Board Support Package. You can find everything here: https://github.com/dadamachines/automat

Please follow the steps here: https://github.com/dadamachines/automat/tree/master/software/arduino to install the Arduino Board Support Package, this will allow you to change the official software and add Buttons, Sensors, Custom Actuators…

Let me know if you have questions.

@johannes Thanks Johannes!