Help with Automat setup

I attempted to set up my new Automat using a midi keyboard that takes its power over the usb.

That didn’t work, but that’s not a surprise, so I then connected a wind controller that has an internal battery. (Vindor ES1)

I imagine that didn’t work either, as the led that tells me to send the first MIDI note never went out, and playing any other notes on the Vindor controller does not light up any led’s on the Automat.

I’m making some assumptions here: that the led would go out when it received the first note setting up the Automat, and that playing notes without any solenoids connected to the Automat would light the leds at each outlet.

I do not have a powered keyboard, but I could use output from the computer. I would rather do the setup from the Vindor, if possible.

Am I missing a step?

Also, is it likely that the unpowered keyboard (M-Audio Keystation) will not work with the Automat even after I finish the setup?