Help with sourcing solenoids.

Hello. Can anyone give me the specs for what to search for in solenoids and is there a better place to look than eBay?
Thank you !

Hello @Xaxua44 what kind of solenoids do you want to get. We actually developed a couple of new solenoid designs for the automat toolkit this year. I hope we can bring them to the shop in the next couple of month. For single projects ebay is often a good source. But it of course also depends where you live.
The default solenoids from the toolkits are 24V / 50ohms / 0.5A.

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Thank you Johannes. I’m looking to try a variety. Will 12v and 6v work as well, or only 24v. ?

Ps I will be on the lookout for your designs in the shop. Thanks

You can also use 6V or 12V solenoids.

If you overdrive them with 24V the power consumption will multiply by 4. So at some point you will hit the limit what amount of power you can run through your automat.
So that you get more force with less current is the reason why we use 24V.

But in general you can supply 9V-24V to your automat. So it will also work at 9V, 12V,…18V… whatever voltage in between 9V and 24V.

Awesome! Thank you!!!

Oh quite interesting. Are they just slightly different/improved versions of the existing ones or are they different different?

I am thinking to add the following options:

  • 1.-Current Design - double the force
  • 2.-A much smaller version of the current “open frame” solenoid design.
  • 3.1-Tubular solenoid small size - super quiet - for fixed instrument setups
  • 3.2-Tubular solenoid medium size - super quiet - for fixed instrument setups

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For option 3.1 I could possibly build an adapter to the current solenoid design/element options.


One more quick question, what is the connector that connects the solenoid wires to the automat?

You can sometimes find them searching for “DC adapter 5.5 2.1 spring” for example on ebay or amazon.

Hi everyone,
I have been able to acquire a used automat but with only 2 solenoids.
I need to buy 10 new solenoids. I am clear about the specs of the originals but would like to know if you have any recommendations about which ones to buy, I have tried some very noisy ones, some that shake a lot and I continue searching.
I am in Germany and any advice is more than welcome.



I have the same problem, also based in Germany, and I was also looking for the upgrade kit on schneidersladen, which seems to be the main distributor of the dadamachines now, but unfortunately they don’t have them in stock and they also wrote me that they unfortunately also cannot give a date when they will be back in stock soon since the main producer of the solenoids also has issues with supply at this moment.

I am also very open to any hints for good solenoids, that are also not too noisy and stable (linear), since the only options that I found start at about 60e each, and I really don’t knowhow the upgrade kit for 6 additional “original” solenoids can be as cheap as 149€ wiht these prices on other markets…

@arctor023 @echi send me an email to maybe we can help with the solenoid issue.
Cheers, Johannes

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Hello, I’m new in the forum but I went in with the same concern looking for solenoids.
Do you have some info that you could share.
Thanks a lot

Hi @Monlin, nothing new at the moment by my side. I have already sent an email to Johannes and I guess we will have some info from him.
If I find something by my one I will post it here.

atm they are back in stock at schneiders

Thank you @arctor023 !!!

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