Is it possible to develop for Doppler without Docker?

I’ve just ordered a Doppler and was in the process of following the instructions to set up my laptop ready for deliver when I hit a major hurdle:

Docker isn’t available for Windows 10 Home.

Is it possible to work with a Doppler without using Docker and if so does anyone have any pointers as to how to do so?

Hi @cunabula,
Windows 10 Home seems to be a bit of a challenge. The best way to go there is probably installing Linux as a virtual machine.
Virtualbox is free anyway:

Here is an article of somebody doing that:

A manual install of the tools needed for creating the bitstream seems kind of a challenge.

Another approach would be to run a remote machine in the cloud to create the bitstream images for the FPGA.
For that digitalocean would be one option I think:

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Many thanks for the quick reply @johannes and for the links, I’ll go through them at the weekend. I have been toying with the idea of dual-booting Linux for a while (some other things I do would be better under Linux), this might finally give me the push I need :slight_smile: