Long notes output?

I am trying to connect the dadamachine to a musicbox with a motor. The idea is that the motor works for the duration of a midi note. However, it doesn’t recognise long midi notes properly (I used Fugue Machine app) and reacts only to the start of the notes, sending a short impulse to the box. How can I change this?

@portwain what firmware version are you using on your automat? 1.0.0 or 1.1.0?

It is 1.1.0 with velocity support.

Try putting the velocity of the notes to maximum (255). That solved it for me.

@dimjon @portwain if the velocity value isn’t over 120 the pulse length will be shortened as the velocity is done by controlling the pulse duration. So its like @dimjon said - best case use the maximum value for velocity then you can just work with the length of the note for switch on / off times.

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Oh, that’s new info for me. Do you change the voltage with the velocity as well?

@dimjon no. the velocity value is just mapped to the pulse duration. but we are working on new software which allows different velocity and output modes. voltage control is not really possible but with a velocity to pulse width mapping you can control motor speed or light brightness in the future.

  • let us know about your wishes for the software.
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Any news about the new software you mentioned? When could it be possibly released?

@portwain sadly there is not really process happening right now.
I am working on hardware extensions at the moment.
I would love to see my ideas for the software become real but i can’t afford to pay someone working on it right now.
Still trying to find a way to make it happen as soon as possible.