Loopin'Lab - Ghosts in the Machine

My Munich-based band project Loopin’Lab built a machine powered by dadamachines. We call it Ghost. It had its concert premiere last week and worked great. We are really excited. Kudos to dadamachines for adding velocity support just in time… :slight_smile:


You can watch Ghost doing its thing on facebook, YouTube or instagram (short version)

Enjoy, and let me know what you’re thinking.


@dimjon Awesome mechanical designs, pictures and videos + Great performance!
Looking forward to see more things like that coming to life!

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Great! Well done. What are the percussive plates played by the 6 mallets? They sound ace!

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That’s a Sen Plate, usually used by music educators and therapists:

Great! I love the sound of it! Thanks!

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I like the way this photo depicts its vibes

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