Lost Midimapping

Hello everybody,
My Dadamachine works in USB mode. Unfortunately, the MIDI settings are lost when I restart the computer.
So I have to reset after each restart, the machine and reconfigure.
When I use the machine in midi mode, the machine remembers the settings.
I use the firmware 1.1.0.
As a DAW, I use Reason.

Hi @random.t.c
In general you should never press reset > it’s not doing an actual reset > but the button is only there to go into update mode. In out future batch of the automat we will remove the button completely.
The configuration is saved on the microcontroller > so if you press learn and make the automat react to MIDI notes from USB or DIN MIDI (doesn’t matter which source) the config is stored in the internal memory of that microcontroller.
So let’s say you send a C2 / MIDI Note number 36 from Reason. And the automat successfully stores the mapping it should be persistent. So after repowering the mapping should still be there.
If it isn’t we should see if there happened something strange in the process while you updated to Firmware 1.1.0.
Please check again and write here or feel free to drop me an email to hello@dadamachines.com

In fact, the configuration is lost after restarting the computer.
Then it is not enough to press the learn-button again. Only after a reset the machine recognize incoming midi signals again.
The configuration does not seem to be stored in the internal memory of the microcontroller.

This behavior only happens in USB-mode.
When I configure the machine via the midi jack, all settings are saved.

What should I do?

A new firmware update did not change anything.

As mentioned in my Email to you before the storage for settings is always the same. So if settings are working in DIN MIDI > they have to work for USB too.

To narrow down the issue i would love to know which Version of Reason and what operating system you are using. It’s almost impossible to test every combination. Regardless of more than 600 Units working smoothly we can replace your unit to make sure that nothing went wrong with a former software update.