Mallet construction piece

Dear all,

it would be cool if someone could give me some information: It’s about the mallet assembly

In this explanation, the first photos show the form of the plastic support like a “T”, but the last picture shows another plastic support. I don’t understand how to use this other part in order to build more mallets that behave like the parts assembled with the “T” plastic. Thank you for your help!

Hi Tom,

The last picture is also a “T” shape, but since it is acrylic, you can’t really see it in that image, unless I am misunderstanding you.

Indeed, you are right, thank you!

I need to build some more mallets to play a xylophone and found an interesting video showing the use of this acrylic part i was wondering how to use it.

I have not found a use for those pieces yet
(I think it’s a puzzle from Johannes…)

Do you know if 3D Print (e.g. with Makerbot) with PLA or ABS material would be ok? I only find a discussion about laser cut.

I think you might be ok replacing the acrylic parts with 3d printer type materials, but probably not the wooden parts as the screws might require a material as forgiving as wood.

Cool, I’ll try that. If my sample works, I’ll show a photo of it. Dadamachine simply rocks, I love it!! I put a quadraphonic Mic in the middle of my “playground” and catch the sounds.

Awesome idea, that would sound amazing!

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