Mapping lost and can not re-learn

I did a quick check and didn’t see anything like this out there.

Everything was fine, working perfectly. All 12 solenoids triggering off of my Keystep.

I stepped away, came back later, and now the 12 notes I mapped are gone, and the Dada will not relearn. When I place it in learn mode, channel 1 engages, LED blinks, but does not move beyond that after I assign a key.

Reset has had no effect. All mapping of notes is gone. I’ve tried power cycling and nothing is helping.


AUTOMAT also doesn’t show as a USB drive on my Macbook, so can’t try the procedure recently published on resetting firmware there.

@Shivasongster it’s hard to tell what is going on. Usually you can reset the unit by removing usb / power = power cycle. As you seemingly have done it.

If it does not show up as a USB stick on your Computer aka is not in “update mode” it’s very strange if it is not responding to learn.

Two ideas:

  • Unplug power and usb. Connect power while keeping the RESET pressed. Release the RESET button. Wait for like 3 seconds. Try to learn as usual.
  • If this doesn’t help. Reload the software using the software update. To do this. Double press the RESET button while the automat is connected to your computer via USB / no power supply connected (i hope it’s mac - as the following guide is only for mac so far) You should see the automat as a USB Stick after the double press of RESET. Now follow this guide:

OK, that all works and I am up and running… but I see another issue that is on my side.

I’m running a rather old MIDI hub to combine inputs from an iPad and my Keystep. The power connector on the MIDI hub is a bit wonky and was dropping out, thus causing me to have some other issues.

At least I know how to do all of this if needed though.