Mechanics: How to mount things in space?

Yes, the topic is vague, I agree.

I’ve got an automat toolkit and I have several small percussion instruments. Now I’m struggling with bringing them together. I’m not interested in ad hoc installations that are changed all the time. I’d like to build a single device.

For the basic frame I’ve looked at MakerBeam XL, which would be a rather costly option. Wood is certainly cheaper, but I lack the skills and tools. Maybe a wooden base-plate and goosenecks for the solenoids.

One of my main obstacles is how to robustly attach a solenoid to anything. Suggestions for suitable brackets, or, say, perforated sheet, would be welcome.

Anyway, I’d like to read and see how you are doing these things.

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@murmichel i have used the makerbeam adapter part in the past to screw the solenoids on wooden structures. as well zip ties work well sometimes. looking forward to see new ideas to approach this.

PVC pipe is my weapon of choice is PVC pipe, which cab be used to construct almost anything, and is low cost.

Very interested in this topic. Despite being one of the early backers, I’m only now finding some proper time to play with DM and I’m looking for “creatively cheap” solutions to mount my solenoids. It’d be nice to have people sending pics/videos of their own setup here. Hope I can contribute soon with anything meaningful :slight_smile:

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Hi, just got my L box and having much fun -I’d been waiting for something like this for years! :slight_smile: Velcro & heavy duty Blutack works quite well for additional fixings , but am thinking of using a Dadamachines setup fro live gigs perhaps, so something stronger & reliable is needed.
What are the fixing accessories that were used in the Audi video?
I recognise Maker Beam but not the small ‘hinge’ bits, and the bits that hold the sticks look really neat! Any idea?

Hi @Stubbleman for the AUDI project i mostly used maker beam parts. Adapters for that system should have been in your L Kit. For the sticks i made custom aluminium parts from a readymade profile:
Nothing i can do for sales as it is too much manual work.

Thanks! I thought I recognised MB. I also recognised the Alfer tubing but must have missed that one when I looked in their catalog. Brilliant.
It looks great on the Audi vid!
I also love the springs ‘upgrade’ (from the elastic).

I have 3 MB mounts from your kit, yes.
I need more, so I think I’ll make them out of aluminium sheeting using your template, that should work.

I’m a bit stuck as to how to make more ‘hinge’ arms, ideally out of Alu also…so I have a (probably stupid) question…

Do you think the arm needs to be ‘setback’ to work, as it is on your system in the vid - would it be also to have a straight arm as the middle ‘hinge’ (ie. Could the middle, pivoting bolt between the spring bolt and the solenoid bolt be on the same plane as the base of the Solenoid (where the 4 bols are).

Anyhow - thanks for inventing this, this is great fun!