MIDI learn not working? (LED not lighting up)

So I’ve finally plugged in my automat and I can’t get MIDI learn to work.

If I press the learn button, the LED next to the MIDI in din does not light up. If I send MIDI notes I do see the LED light up, so MIDI is being received, I just can’t map anything.

I’ve reset the mapping, done a double-press resetting, I’ve done the long version of the update software settings guide, I’ve held reset while powering on and waiting 3 seconds, and I still can’t learn.

Also to test that communication is actually working, I can get all the solenoids to fire if I send MIDI note 0 to the automat. Unfortunately it looks like that’s the only note mapped by default?

Is there something wrong with my learn button?
Are there default settings I can use? I don’t really care to map specific notes as I will just build around whatever the notes happen to be anyways.

One person hat problems like what you described.

But only with the 1.1.0 Firmware. I recommend to use the 1.0.0 Firmware anyways as the velocity feature in 1.1.0 isn’t very useful as for good velocity you need to map out your setup / tune your instrument. Which isn’t yet implemented in 1.1.0

In general. NEVER press the RESET button. It is not needed for anything besides updates. In the next version of the unit i will maybe even remove the hole in the case as everybody thinks it’s a cool thing to reset the device. Pressing RESET doesn’t RESET the device. It does not go back to factory settings. If there is a problem simply remove power and USB. Relearn with a single or double press on the LEARN button. But not the RESET BUTTON > Which should be called Firmware Update Button. The reason for calling it RESET is because thats how the manufacturer of the Mikrocontroller calls the Pin where the button is connected.

Let me know if the LED next to MIDI IN lights up after pressing the LEARN Button once or twice > The LEARN Button is the rightmost if you view the automat from the back.

Please change the firmware back to 1.0.0 before trying.

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