MIDI Velocity feature

I suggest an update on sketch to use MIDI note velocity.
Something like:

velocity=map (velocity, 0, 127, 4, 11);
digitalWrite(solenoidPIN, HIGH); //Switch Solenoid ON
digitalWrite(solenoidPIN, LOW); //Switch Solenoid OFF

I tried in my own projects with arduino and sounds good.
What you think?

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Weird, why no reply to this post?
Velocity would be a game changing’ly great feature! …So, can it be done?

@Tristanamo yes it can be done. I actually wanted to put the software on github for a long time. the problem i have right now is to choose the right license. if somebody here has more knowledge about open source licensing help would be appreciated.

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Oh wow! What a great feature! I can’t help with the licensing unfortunately, but I’ll be eagerly looking for updates. Meanwhile, I’ll see if I can the Arduino option to work with my novices skills.

@tomme @Tristanamo @brian_smith there is a new software V1.1.0 which adds velocity support to the automat.
You can download it here: https://dadamachines.com/download/automat-sw_1.1.0.ino.automat.uf2
To install it on your automat please do the following steps.

  1. Connect the automat to your computer via USB
  2. Double press the reset button on the backside of the automat
  3. There should be a “DRIVE / USB STICK” called “AUTOMAT” in your Explorer / Finder now.
  4. Drag the file called automat-sw_1.1.0.ino.automat.uf2 on the "DRIVE / USB STICK > The “DRIVE / USB STICK” should disappear and the automat should be updated and back in operation mode.

The long update process description can be found here: Automat Software Update Process – dadamachines

The Software & the Arduino Board Support Package can be found here:

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Fantastic – looking forward to checking it out!

It doesn’t go back to operation mode…

That can happen depending on the firmware you have on your unit and the OS you are using.
You can follow this to fix the issue: https://dadamachines.com/getstarted/automat-software-update-process/

ok, now it works.
By testing i like more the results from my patch vel2lenght. For example in this video i made a crescendo/decrescendo and first part is without my patch. The second part is with my patch.

@tomme I would love to have a configuration tool for the automat.
Like i put it in the campaign: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1481744082/dadamachines-music-machines-for-everyone/
Because depending on the angle of the solenoid or the solenoid type the velocity behavior has to be changed for the best result.
Happy for everyone who wants to contribute to the code!
After the release yesterday i got one email from a user who wants to help. I will spend some time and clean my research / idea document to share it public. As there are already lots of very cool resources out there.

Just being curious: has anyone an example for using MIDI note velocity in Ableton?