New adaptors/elements?


So I just got my kit this week and have been putting together all the adaptors/elements, and there looks like there’s some different ones in there that aren’t covered in the assembly guide.

There’s a bunch of clear plexi pieces that aren’t a “T” shape, as well as what looks like another enclosure of some kind, or looking at it now, it looks like a piece that puts two solenoids together?


Same here Rodrigo! I got the L-kit and I have stuff like the the transparent non T shaped things you mentioned that I don’t know what they are for. Would have loved for them to be T-shaped to be able to make more mallet-beaters elements. Or at least to be know what they are for and how to assemble them so they can “go to work”.

Enlighten us please! And also can we order specific extra parts?


OK, so it seems the non-T ones are just upright mallet/beater elements right? But I have got far from enough long screws and nuts in my kit to assemble these so that makes me wonder still…