Only one output is working?

Hi people,

I just started using my kit and ran into an issue.
I configured the automation according to the manual, by pressing the test button on the back, and thereafter sending a midi note to output 1. This works fine, however, other outputs don’t seem to be working. If I select any other outputs, none light up (apart from output 1) and no other hammer thingies move. Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong? I tried both pro tools and logic, but the same issue occurs. If I start over, and say select output two, and press test and send the note, only that output works.

I’m using it with the usb cable btw, not via a midi interface.

I really appreciate any suggestions!

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Did you try the “learn” button?
When you press “learn” and then hit a key, each output gets assigned a note. By default this is in the same midi channel.


I did press learn, don’t know why I wrote test button in my post… haha.

If I assign any signals to any output it doesn’t work, aside from out 1. It’s percussion, could it be that it is pitch based? By that I mean, although the percussion midi file doesn’t really have a pitch, if all percussion was the same note, in the daw when I import it, despite being on different channels, would it not work? Would I have to change the pitches instead of the outputs per midi percussion channel?

Thanks for the reply and your time!!


Hello Barry,

I think I understand what you mean… I don’t think midi cares if you’re using it to trigger percussion. Midi will always have a note assigned to it. If you are triggering one note, only one automat output will get triggered. The automat outputs are assigned to different notes.

Have you tried sending all notes across all octaves to see if the other output triggers are hiding somewhere unexpected?


I managed to fix the problem.

I had selected a different output for every midi track, and all the percussion notation on the midi tracks had the same pitch. So now I’m sending it to one output, and every track has a different pitch, if that makes sense. Even though it’s percussion. So for instance kick is C, Snare is C#, hi hat is D, etc.

Thanks for the help.

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