Out of stock!

Hoping to get a hold of a dadamachine. Any news on the next avalable batch?

I’m also looking to order. Any word on an ETA?

@RVAIL @Hans I just put up some more kits to the shop yesterday night. There are still 2 Medium and 6 Large Kits available. After that the next Batch will probably be available early 2019.

Thanks @johannes ! Put in an order for a medium size on tuesday. Not heard anything other than an automatic confirmation e-mail but I guess everything is ok and it will ship soon??

@Hans unfortunately there was a small misunderstanding with my manufacturing partner. They are waiting for some little parts to arrive before they will ship those last kits from the first batch i put online this week. But they promised me that they will ship everything the coming week.
Because i have this dependency on my partner i am listing the 1-2Weeks until shipment timeframe on the website. Anyway international packages are shipped with DHL EXPRESS > which is very fast. In Europe its standard DHL but still fast usually.

Thanks for clearing up. No worries :+1:t2: