Pin headers / What do I connect the Doppler pins to?

Hi! I got a Doppler and I’m excited. But. I don’t know hardware or soldering very well. I know software pretty well but I’ve only soldered a board one time and I don’t own a soldering iron. Most of the hardware stuff I’ve done so far I’ve done with breadboards and wires and alligator clips.

Doppler just has all those holes around the outside. Can someone Explain Like I’m 5 what I need to do to connect those holes to other devices?

A friend said what I probably need is “Pin Headers”, and all I’d need to do is solder the pin headers once and then I could use the pins with a breadboard or whatever else. Which “Pin Header” should I buy for use with the doppler?

Is there a way to temporarily attach a wire to one of the Doppler holes, to make sure I’m connecting to the right place before I solder anything?