Possibility to keep the actuation for 2 or, 3 seconds?

I was wondering if it’s possible to keep the actuation of the solenoid or electromagnet for like 2 or 3 seconds and not for a simple short signal that is good only for a percussion ?
Is it possible to control the length of that actuation ?

Thank you very much.

This would be great for using motors as well, cause right now one has to use midi-tools, to repeat actual on/off signal as fast as possible, to get a nearly constant signal…

@Dorian @joha We could add this as a fixed setting to the new firmware. So you can set in the config tool > what time you want to have after the NoteOn Signal. In general i would recommend to just make a MIDI note with the duration you need. But that is maybe not supported by the software you are using? Not sure what that is?
So with the current firmware… the output will stay on for the time you send a NoteOn but no NoteOff Signal.