SCI-FI-LO-PHONE by Pepperhead Studios (Jeremy dePrisco)


Just want to give a shout out to Dada Machines for making my debut of our SCI-FI-LOPHONE by Pepperhead Studios at Bloomburg Maker Faire on April 21, 2018 a success.

Powered by Automat and combined with home-made noise makers, off-the shelf percussion and some delay/reverb effects, we successfully premiered a very fun interactive display that the kids loved.

MIDI triggers included Arturia Keystep and iPad using Fugue Machine app.

I’m trying to get some more picts and video from the event, but a project page can be found here:
Learn more about SCI-FI-LOPHONE by Pepperhead Studios

Those who wish to correspond directly are free to reach out via any of my websites.


@Shivasongster That looks awesome! Machines out in the wild! :heart_eyes: