Software for IPad


Does anyone know what software is used in the promotional video?



@b.michael The app in our video was auxy. They removed the MIDI support in their new app. So i doesn’t work anymore. I currently recommend octachron which support 8 outputs currently. But i am working with the developer to make a version for the automat toolkit.


Hey Johannes, Thank you for your feedback. I downloaded Octachron and the app would be perfect. Unfortunately I can not connect the Dadamachine. I use a Lightning to USB 3 camera adapter. The Ipad Air 2 is on the version 12.2. Unfortunately the software always shows “No Midi Destinations available”. What could I do wrong


I think you can reach out to Markus. He is also based in Munich and probably happy to help. I tested it with my iPad mini and it worked. But that was on a older version if the Octachron Software. Will try to find time to test here myself and give you feedback if it’s due to the update maybe.