Solenoid Beaters noise

i would like to know how I can reduce the Solenoid Beaters noise.
I have to use some specific material?


Hi @robertofega most of the noise actually comes from the way you mount your solenoids.
In the setups we build for theatre noise was never an issue.
But that’s of course also depending on what objects / instruments you are hitting with your beaters.

Also I already posted here that we developed new kinds of solenoids which are 100% quiet.
But sadly we don’t have the money to get them manufactured. Also the mounting with those would be much harder for people who aren’t good with crafts / tools.

The standard solenoids have rings made out of rubber inside. You could open the solenoids and replace these with felt.
Please note that this is on your own risk. You need to heat up the tip of the solenoid with a lighter or similar to not break the plunger with loosening the screw on tip.
But the noise from the plunger - the sliding metal part will probably still be audible depending on your mounting setup.