solenoid not responding

Hey there,

I saw this on a thread last night, tried this again today, came into the forum and I’m not seeing the thread. I’m using Ableton Live - setup exactly how it’s setup in the startup section. I got the Automat to read the rhythms correctly BUT the solenoids are not responding/working. How do I fix this? I tried the different solenoids, tried all channels. What am I missing?

Still in the same place… If anyone has any advice or solutions that would be greatly appreciated.

hey mdawg!
I am running ableton as well. works great with the Automat.
Is your automat channel indicator lights turning on when notes are received?
Is your ableton sending extremely short midi notes? I find I have to add a “note length” module to my ableton tracks to always have control of how much the solenoids are extending out.

In my experience, midi note length = velocity. A lot of dynamic range there, depending on what you’re hitting. but if the note length is super short, the solenoid barely responds to it.

Thank you for the response! You are indeed right, the solenoids started moving when I adjusted the length. I’ll have to play around with this a bit but that seemed to be the issue. Thank you!