Solenoid selection

I would like to know what is the most powerful solenoid the dada could drive on a 24v powersupply (the one shipped with the M kit)
What is the voltage rating, current consumption and force (in Newtons) of the solenoids that come in that kit please?

Hi @Zzbb the solenoid which comes with the kit is 0.5A @ 24V > we use that one because our power supply has 160W > So you can trigger all 12 outputs at the same time. I have used much stronger solenoids for various projects.
Solenoids up 1.4A @ 24V constant power should not be a problem.
The switching MOSFETs inside the automat are protected.
I hope that answers your question. J

Thanks, yes it does, but here’s one more…
What is the rated Newtons of the supplied solenoids?
I need a stronger one, but I don’t know how much stronger, if you know what I mean.

They should be around 30Newton. I hope that helps. Solenoid selection is a whole world for it self :slight_smile:

Dear Johannes,
You mention much stronger solenoids that you’ve used in the past. Was that with the dadamachine as well? Could you point out to a place where to get some powerful solenoids? (I’d like to test them with the dadamachine, provided that no more than a couple of solenoids will fire at the same time)

(alternatively, will there be more M to L upgrade kits in the foreseeable future?)


@djebel-amila I still have a few solenoids with the same form factor as our standard type with double the power.
Besides that you can try these two models:

Disclaimer / Warning: Watch out they come without a thread on the plunger. Which means they are just falling apart by default. You can only use them if you have tools around and can customize them to your needs.

Dear Johannes,
Thank you for your reply and the links.

Would this kind work as well: Intertec ITS-LS-4035-D-24VDC Hubmagnet drückend 8 N 75 N 24 V/DC 12.7 W kaufen
It promises 8N, using 12,7W, which means 12 of them could be triggered at the same time by the 160W supply, or am I missing something?

Or this one, 1kg, 16W (=no more than 10 at the time, right?)… Intertec ITS-LS-5852-D-24VDC Hubmagnet drückend 5 N/mm 85 N/mm 24 V/DC 16 W kaufen
(Why does it ‘only’ have 5N if it’s twice the size?)

(or this one, who seems more practical: Intertec ITS-LZ-3263-Z-24VDC Hubmagnet ziehend 30 N 59 N 24 V/DC 12.96 W kaufen)

@djebel-amila Our default solenoid from the kit has these specs:

As you can see. This is right at the maximum to use 12 of these at the same time. 12 * 0,48A = 5,78A

So the two you send aren’t so much stronger. Our default one and the two you send are so-called “frame” solenoids. Tubular solenoids are more efficient = more power at the same power consumption.
What you can do as well is to overdrive 12V solenoids at 24V – our default system voltage. Doing that you get 4 times the power consumption. Of course, you could also get a different power supply to maybe work with 18V system voltage.

Let’s take this solenoid Intertec ITS-LZ 2560-D-12VDC as an example.

  1. Enter the Voltage = 12V and Wattage = 10W in the calculator here:
    It will show you the Resistance of the coil = 14.4 ohms
  2. Now enter 14.4ohms and 24V and you will get the Current and Wattage (Power / P) information.

So you have 1,67 A per channel. This is at the limit of the automat as it can do approximately 1.3A continuous and 1.6A pulses per channel with a total limit of approximately 6.5A for all channels in use combined. Due to limitations of the power supply.
So with that solenoid model, you should be fine with four to max. six channels being triggered at the same time.
I did use these for a project in the past in a setup with max. 4 solenoids being triggered at the same time. Usually, if you would use more nothing should break but I can’t guarantee anything cause there might be something I did never test so far.

This solenoid Intertec ITS-LS3830B-D-12VDC uses approximately 1.3A at 24V.

Hi, could you please share the supplied solenoid datasheet?

30N sounds OK, but what about N/mm?
Also, can one supplied solenoid be connected to two outputs, and get current,force doubled?

I have a project where we want to fit a bigger hammer, so knowing data could be useful.
Thank you very much