Solenoid selection


I would like to know what is the most powerful solenoid the dada could drive on a 24v powersupply (the one shipped with the M kit)
What is the voltage rating, current consumption and force (in Newtons) of the solenoids that come in that kit please?


Hi @Zzbb the solenoid which comes with the kit is 0.5A @ 24V > we use that one because our power supply has 160W > So you can trigger all 12 outputs at the same time. I have used much stronger solenoids for various projects.
Solenoids up 1.4A @ 24V constant power should not be a problem.
The switching MOSFETs inside the automat are protected.
I hope that answers your question. J


Thanks, yes it does, but here’s one more…
What is the rated Newtons of the supplied solenoids?
I need a stronger one, but I don’t know how much stronger, if you know what I mean.


They should be around 30Newton. I hope that helps. Solenoid selection is a whole world for it self :slight_smile: