Spring 2021 ETA?

Hey there,
Hope it is ok to add this topic.
I am really really fingers crossed hoping to purchase
an Automat Toolkit L -ASAP- for an upcoming installation.

I work with biodata-sonification, and Iโ€™m building the Mycorrhizal Rhythm Machine.
While there are various Arduino shields I could potentially work with (and have), the Automat
appears to be exactly what I am looking for for the symbionts to play analogue instruments :mushroom: :musical_note:

Thanks! :slight_smile:

@Nanotopia your installation looks incredible, I hope to see it!

Thanks! Thereโ€™s a 24/hour stream performance scheduled for August 28 at NAISA https://naisa.ca/performances/upcoming-performances/
By the look of things here my guess is an Automat wonโ€™t be available anytime soon. SOOooo, I am starting to test a MIDI Arduino shield. Connecting transistors, etc. Meanwhile, my fingers remained crossed for an Automat :wink:

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