Stock ETA?

Hi, sorry for the potentially annoying question, but I’m really hoping to get hold of a toolkit for a project I’m working on and the message on the website still says mid-feburary…


Hi @max
I have restocked the last kits from the first batch to our webshop.

Best, J

@nevvkid I have been lurking here for a while…when now can we expect for a good stock to come through? What changes will be involved in the next batch? I see they fly off the shelves and I’m always too late! I’ve played around with teensy and solenoids, this seems very nice and streamlined…do I have to set a track delay when using a daw like Abletons midi for triggering the unit?
Thanks for all your work!!!

i can’t exactly tell when a new batch will be ready. There is still lots of planning for this to be done. Also maybe there will be pre-orders as lots of materials have minimum order quantities of 500pcs. So it would make sense to know if we should do 100, 250 or 500 kits.
Regarding changes. There won’t be any changes in the controller hardware > the automat. There might be some other details but for now the only thing which should be updated soon is the software / firmware. As we want to give people better velocity control.

Regarding track delays. Yes. If you are playing samples / synth from ableton they need to be delayed as the solenoid needs some time to hit the object / instrument you are playing with.

Ok, this all makes sense.
I was wondering if you would give me a few tips regarding using a teensy to actuate some solenoids that are 24v…

  • Are you using relays to handle the triggering of the solenoid? I’m pretty new to all this!
  • Is the new board you will be offering ready to have solenoids wired right on or would I need a shield or something like that?
  • Does the usb power the board and then the power supply handles the solenoids? I guess this question has to do with the first bullet-point question.
  • Do you have an instagram for Dada Machines?

Love what you are up to, happy to support your open-source music invention company!! Very very cool.

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What a wonderful device! Can’t wait to play with it.
Just wondering when you will have stock available?

Thank you.

Hi @blinkymark the automat toolkit will soon be available for pre-order. I checked all other options to make a new batch. But that seems to be the only viable option right now. There will be about 50 Kits that will ship 6-8Weeks after this 50 People placed the pre-order. And 200 to 250 more Kits after 12-14 Weeks.

Hi !
Will you have a new stock soon for the automats ?

Thank you for the great work.