Suitable beater heads?

I’m looking for suitable beater heads to attach to the solenoid shaft.

I do have the mallet adapters from the kit, of course, but they don’t seem very durable. Also, instead of a mallet with handle, I’d rather attach only a head to the solenoid.

I’ve been making beater heads, for both cymbals and drum heads from Fimo polymer clay. I’m sure Sculpy or other polymer clay would work as well.

You can remove the plunger head on the original solenoids. They are screwed on with a M3 thread. Todo this you have to heat up the tip with a lighter or soldering iron as the thread has loctite on it to prevent the tip falling off. If you don’t heat up for unscrewing you will break the plunger shaft inside.
After removing the tip you can find yourself another head to screw on. I am checking right now how i could make different heads available. In the meanwhile DIY solutions are probably the fastest you can do.

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This works fine too!:wink: