USB and midi latency?


We would like to use the nice dadamachine for live drumming with an Akai MPC
Is it possible to have an idea of the latency (in ms) between a midi signal which would come from USB or MIDI DIN and the beginning or the end of the solenoid action you are selling ?

many thanks !

@benjamin I did not measure the roundtrip exactly but the latency for direct hits > without mallet mechanic is around 10ms i think. Depending on your setup > distance of the object to the striker it goes up.
So probably you will notice a delay if you have samples and robotic action at the same time.

Moritz from sonicrobots wrote some general information about the topic in this post:

Maybe someone out there tried it with a MPC already. I don’t own one currently.

ok thanks @johannes for the infos, looks good

If anyone have feedbacks of live drumming with any midi controller, I would be curious