Velocity configuration iPad

Hi all,

I’m keen to experiment with variable velocity but cannot get it set up using my iPad. I have opened the configurator in chrome on my iPad but it still tells me to accept webmidi in chrome. As far as I was aware chrome should be set up to accept webmidi.

Has anyone set this up on an iPad? Is it possible?

Many thanks, Dan

Pretty sure there aren’t any iOS browsers that support webmidi - at least as of a few months ago when I looked into it. Something about security and it’s sandboxing setup. The consensus seemed to be that it was unlikely to ever happen. I don’t have the links here (on my iOS device) but I remember there being threads about it on the Audiobus forum and on Hacker News if you want to google it up.

Oh I also remember finding an app called Webmidi that was a few years old, but I could never get it to work.

Thanks for your guidance on this matter captain. Do you know if I can configure on a desktop computer for use on an ipad. Will I only need to set it up once?



I haven’t done it yet with mine, but my understanding is, once you set the velocity sensitivity, it sticks, so you should be able use your iPad to sequence it or whatever.