Verilog "Hello world" example

I’ve been trying to do a bit of Verilog on the Doppler.

As a starting point, I looked at the OpenTecLab video that implements a counter and some blinking LEDs from here: (it’s linked from the Doppler README).

I tried to adapt it to Doppler, as outlined here (also has links to a github repo):

But unfortunately, there’s no LED blinking going on.

Can anyone help?

Thanks a bunch!


I don’t have doppler board but
I can to say that in the FPGA community I am in,
we have the open source programme
ICESTUDIO supports many FPGAs.

does everything visually.
From a block diagram, a file will be generated and automatically loaded into the FPGA.
You don’t need to program any verilog,
if you outline you can do it with the blocks
Although logically you can generate your own blocks and add the verilog code to perform the specific task.
I leave the links for you to try.

Good luck