What else can I add to the automat - toolkit

what is the maximum voltage that i can add?Can I add a 36v solenoid to it? can i add other devices except of solenoids like motors and small water pressures tubes at the device like these:

or any other?

thanks in advance

The voltage for the actuators connected to the automat depends on the voltage you feed the automat with. As the Chip inside of the automat needs to be supplied with the right voltage you shouldn’t go over 24V (which is the voltage of the standard power supply). DC Motors like the pump you list here depend on the inrush current at start… if the current is to big you won’t be able to switch the motor / pump on and off. If you want to mix 12V / 24V actuators you can use a voltage regulator on the output you want to connect the LED / Motor that needs less voltage - so you can step down from 24V to 16V / 12V / 9V…