What Parts Does the DIYer need?



I’ve already spent some time on the Automat Facebook group gathering info and feedback, but it’s clear that there are quite a few basic points that those who have purchased the Dadamachine Automat as a basic circuit board need to know before they can try it out.

Let’s try to gather all the info here in this thread!

This needs to provide a regulated DC output via a 2.5mm by 5.5mm plug, with center positive.
Its output voltage can be anywhere between 9V and 24V, depending on what voltage solenoids you want to use.

However, the circuit board has a 6A fuse, so if you want to plug in the full complement of 12 solenoids, each one can only safely consume 0.5A (12 x 0.5A = 6A)

24V solenoids tend to consume less current that 12V ones (for instance), so if you want to use all 12 then buying 24V solenoids that each use 0.5A or less is the best solution. You will therefore need a PSU with a 24V output capable of 6A, which equates to 144 watts.

If on the other hand you only ever anticipate running a maximum of six solenoids then you can instead go for 12V 1A models, requiring a PSU with a 12V 6A capability (remember, you won’t be able to run any more of these solenoids, because you’ll burn out the Automat’s 6A fuse.

However, 12V 1A solenoids may be considerably cheaper, and a 12V 6A (72 watt) PSU will also be considerably cheaper than a 24V 144 watt one!

Hope this helps!


Parts Suppliers Directory (solenoids, 24V/160W/6.6A power supply, DC barrel plugs, DC cords…)


Next up, you’ll need to attach longer cables and plugs to whatever solenoids you purchase.

  1. It doesn’t matter which way round you connect the two wires from the solenoid.

  2. This time you’ll need 2.1 x 5.5mm plugs, one for each solenoid (NOT 2.5 x 5.5mm like the PSU one)




Having written down all that info yesterday about power supplies, it occurred to me that I might have a suitable candidate already (or at least one close enough to let me test out the Automat).

I was right - I’ve just opened up the carrying case of my ancient Compal laptop, bought way back in 2003, only to find that its PSU provides 19V @ 3.16A (that’s 60 watts in total, via a 2.5 by 5.5mm output socket with centre positive. You may also have something similar on hand.

This is within the Dadamachines spec, and sufficient to power up perhaps half a dozen solenoids and give my Automat board a tryout!

A couple of minutes later, I’ve plugged my laptop PSU into the automat, which powers up correctly, plugged in a MIDI lead from a nearby MIDI keyboard controller, and after pressing the Automat’s learn button once (as requested in the Quickstart guide, I can now play an octave’s worth of notes on my keyboard to individually light up each Automat output socket it turn,

Finally, I plug in the 9V 0.5A solenoid I bought for my Koma field kit to one of the Automat output sockets (it also required a 2.1 x 5.5mm plug, so fits perfectly), and it operated first time.

Result! Automat confirmed to be in full working order! :sunglasses:



Got my controller and now gathering some parts to make it work. I just got the basic box, but have added a power supply and some solenoids. Working great so far. Will post a list of the parts I am using shortly but want to try a couple of things first. I am in the USA and able to get most stuff from Amazon.


Good to see someone else here decoster, and looking forward to seeing your list of parts.

My solenoids arrived this morning (from China, via eBay). I decided to go with the 19V @3.16A PSU I already had, since I can’t see any situation in which I’m going to need more than 8 solenoids.

So, I scoured eBay and found these 24V 300mA solenoids! Eight of them with never consume more than 2.4A, and running them at 19V instead of 24V won’t make any noticeable difference performance-wise.



The best news is that despite being exactly the same as those widely available elsewhere (model no: JF-0530B), they cost me just £2.24 each, or 8 for £17.92 including p & p!

Here’s the eBay link I used:

Hope this helps!



Thank you for sharing the link Martin.
Does anyone knows where to order the same solenoid than the ones provided with the kits?
I’d like to cut more of the small wood/MDF parts and they wont fit the eBay model.



@djebel-amila My solenoid supplier doesn’t sell to consumers. They are only building custom solenoids from 500pcs minimum order.
I will add the solenoids to the webshop in the future . I got a model with double the force in the same package made as well.
Probably i will not sell single pieces, as that is too much work for us in terms of packaging and shipping.

With the cables i am sending with the kits it’s the same story.
They are custom made and have a minimum order qty of 1000pcs.

Regarding cables a good solution is to use “2.1 x 5.5 mm Terminal” parts > find them via google images and use a two wire cable.

Happy hacking :wink:



Thank you J for the quick response.
Good to know. It’d be great to be able to order those (from 6 or 12 pieces on?) from the dadamachines webshop. I hope it’ll be available soon :slight_smile:

Lastly, do you have a recommandation on where to order the power supply?



I have used this http://amzn.to/2t2tSnd Power Supply for my previous projects with the automat. Nice thing is that you can adjust the power from 12-24V which for example allows to make one machine more quiet than the other.
And you might want to have 12V sometimes to drive LEDs, Motors etc…


After receiving the L kit, I recently ordered a second controller in order to make larger automats, with up to 24 outputs.

I now need to find additional solenoids, but also the cords and power supply to gear it up.
I thought this would be a place for sharing potential suppliers.

I’d be happy to order these parts from the dadamachines webshop directly but I understand it may be too big a load to set up and run. Maybe Johannes could share the suppliers he ordered the parts from?
yewtreemagic/Martin already shared an eBay seller for solenoids:

But I quite like the plain look of the black solenoids that came with the kit. Anybody knows where to get those from?



Have you ever considered or attempted WiFi connections instead of cables?


I was told I need a variable voltage regulator to have one power supply for various diff power demands of objects.
Can you link me such a part from EU so I can order one? For example for uses like mixing low power leds with high power dc magnets.


The cheap solution to do this:

The more comfortable one: