Where to find power supply?



I’m having trouble finding the right power supply for my Automat controller in Australia. I ordered just the controller without any of the solenoids. The link in the power supply FAQ is dead, and the Mean Well supply that’s bundled with the kits is custom and can’t be ordered from the manufacturer. Any ideas?


Hi, we are not able to sell our Mean Well power supply separate as the minimum order QTY is 500pcs and we currently have none of them in stock. But usually you can easily find a power supply if you search in common shopping sites with “Universal AC Charger 120W”, “Universal AC Charger 150W” or “Universal Laptop Power Supply 150W”. Sorry i have no idea about Australian sites. And currently we are buying our power supplies the same way.

check for the right polarity always: https://dadamachines.com/getstarted/power-supply/

This site actually seems to sell the smaller 120W Version of the Mean Well PSU: https://www.power-supplies-australia.com.au/MEAN-WELL-GST120A24-P1M + this might work also depending on the power plug: https://www.computeronline.com.au/products.php?C_ID=70&S_ID=421&PROD=39200


Thanks nevvkid, would 90w be sufficient to drive 8 solenoids at 24v? Mean Well does a 90w version with the correct plug


It always depends on your solenoid and if you drive them at the same time. The default solenoid from the toolkit draws about 500mA / 0.5A * 12 = 6A but usually for that a smaller power supply would do as well. Because it’s not really the case that you have all of them on at the exact same moment.
If you can’t find any power supply in australia i could get one of the universal power supplies i used in the past and send it to you.