Wirless MIDI Adapter

I am considering buying a wireless MIDI adapter (Yamaha MD-BT01 Wireless Midi Adapter). Does anyone of you have any experience with this or with any other adapter to connect the Dadamachine wirelessly to the iPad?

maybe another solution :

cme wireless midi
It use is own protocol so no need of computer or others things too. bluetooth V5 so ultra low latency.But I don’t know if Dada machine can work with it.


I tried that Setup with an IPad and the Ocachron App. Unfortunately it Not worked out (so far).
Somehow the Yamaha MD-BT01 was not found by the app when i connected it directly to the Automat.

I read that the BT-01 needs to be connected with in and output to get power, maybe the midi power supply is not supported by the automat ?

Afterwards i tried to connect My iPad via the BT-01 (Wireless) to my soundcard ( fireface 500) with ableton, and the midi output to the Automat. That worked out (but is senseless cause you could use ableton link for that)

Afterwards i came up with another workaround to test if the problem is about the power supply.
I connected the BT-01 with the input of a Midi Splitter , and the Automat with the midi splitter.
What somehow worked for a while, till the connection quitted.

That was 4 weeks ago, since then i havent had the time to tinker again.
Anonye tried it Wireless with the Octachron App so far ?

I bought the MD-BT01 and after a few minor difficulties it works wonderfully now. I couldn’t make the MIDI connection with Dadachron, but in the end it worked perfectly with Octachron. Since the MD-BT01 gets the power from the MIDI In plug, I simply plugged it into the MIDI Thru plug and everything worked.

Hi @damstraversaz @Joghurt @Treborlemmeg

Yamaha MD-BT01 should work.

But I have only tested the UD-BT01 and that works just perfectly fine.
But of course, it needs to be powered correctly. (connect to automat with the default cable + power the adapter with a usb power supply from your phone…

More important: You need an extra app as a relay to create a MIDI device. That will be the same for the MD-BT01 So you can’t directly connect to for example the octachron. By the time i got the BT adapter from Yamaha there was no documentation / help / notice on that. So first i didn’t get it to work. But then I have used this app as the link between octachron and the UD-BT01.

The dadachron app which is the sister app to octachron won’t work as it looks for a MIDI device with the specific id and name of only automats so it can’t be used if you have MIDI interface or Bluetooth MIDI adapter in between.