Automat velocity to intensity to make accents louder?


I just got the automat, and it works great.
I tested velocity on firmware 2 and I understand it controls the gate time of Note On, but is it possible to control the intensity instead (the strenght of the strike with a solenoid for ex. so accents are louder) ?

Thank you!

Hi @bunq this is what the firmware is doing. Making a strike with velocity value 127 louder than a strike with value 1 or 12 or 36.
So if you tune the output settings to the perfect range for your object, instrument you get up to 40 steps.
Here is a bit more about the velocity firmware: automat-software version 2.0.0
All new controllers which we shipped recently already have it installed. But you need to make the settings for the outputs in the configuration tool.

Let me know if you need help to get going with that.

Hello Johannes,
thank you for your answer, velocity works perfectly!

Best regards,