How to Control LEDs?


How do you control LEDs with the automat?

Is there a specific light that works well?




@Geraldmbailey do you want to use only LEDs or solenoids + LEDs on one or multiple outputs?
I have recently designed a splitter which goes in place of the DC Adapter you clip on the solenoids. This splitter has a LED on it, to give indications to every solenoid. As well you can connect a LED Strip (24V) with that splitter.
If you connect LEDs / Strips at the same time with a solenoid on one output make sure to use a protection diode after the solenoid (search for flyback diode - the type i recomment is 1N4007).
In general you can use LEDs with different voltage needs - 12V or 24V and many other types - depending on how you make the connection / and what voltage you feed to the automat.
So much regarding the hardware side.

Regarding software i hope i will be able to make a special version for light control at some point. Happy for everyone who wants to work on this - as the software source is on github.
I can imagine some might be interested in brightness control with the velocity value.


On our Loopin’Lab Machine, I simply wired an LED strip in parallel with the affected solenoid, only using a 12V Power Unit.
See here:
Currently I’m going back to the 24V Unit, putting a step-down converter in-between, so I can also better adjust the velocities.
I did not user a flyback diode (never thought of this, being a real electronics Noob). Is this risky? I did not think it would be an issue, putting them parallel?


@dimjon i think you should add diodes to protect the DC/DC step down module and LED strips.
I tried without diode in the past and my LEDs did not survive. So i think you where lucky :wink:



Thank you… Lucky me… :slight_smile:

I still don’t understand why it’s necessary, as the Power is DC from the beginning, so the need for a rectifyer is still a miracle to me - but that’s the case for most electronics, so never mind… :smiley:

(or is it because the solenoids induce a current back when they return? That’s the only explanation I could think of… :thinking:)


@dimjon the time the plunger moves backward in the coil of the solenoid it actually generates power.


Thanks for all you help! I’m successfully sequencing lights. I plan to explore the solenoid/led splitter setup sometime in a few months.


Ok - good to know, as I’m just inserting step-down converters. So I guess you would wire the LEDs like this?oo_Solenoid%26Diode


@dimjon this is the schematic of the splitter i am getting ready right now. if you want i can send you a pack of 12 for your setup. will receive the test PCBs sometime the next week i think.
It doubles some components so you can either work with SMD or THT parts. As well it allows multiple connection options for adding LEDs.

Please note:

  • Connection to the solenoid is on top of the schematic [J2]
  • Connection to the automat is on the bottom [J1]
  • Add a 24V LED (with series resistor already in the cable) or 24V LED Strip [J3]
  • Add a LED and solder the series resistor (R2 or R1) on the PCB
  • LED1 - Solder a LED directly on the PCB and add R1 or R2


Hi all, I’m right in the middle building a live setup which I’d like to insert small LEDs , this is great info - thanks!
Just 2 questions : @ nevvkid : where can I get the splitters and extra power cables, do you have a good source? (they might as well match the existing cables I got with my Dadamachine) also tips for what / where for the diodes would be great - thanks!


That would be great. Thanks a lot for the offer. I will DM you for further details.