Laser cut parts package?


As many people may have found, there are a LOT of ways to execute the laser cut parts. Once you get to playing around, you may have more ideas about trying new things. The parts are also a bit fragile. I had to glue my Wingman and Material Drum already due to damage from falling off my table during a jam.

So I was wondering if there’s any possibility that Dadamachines would add a shopping cart item for purchase that would just be a supplemental kit of the laser cut parts, screws, and plastic bits - no solenoids. This would be for those who wish to build additional rigs for the same set of solenoids, or to help people replace broken parts.

Anyone else into this idea?


Just was coming online to look for exactly this. Replacement parts would be very helpful.


@Shivasongster @ctaborn The designs for the laser cut parts are available on github now:

Feel free to make your own versions.

Before making lots of parts, please make sure your settings for the laser cutter are right. The files for the production batch where quite different because another type of machine was used. The released files worked fine on the laser cutter available in the local fablab.


While I am a supporter of the maker movement, I do not have easy access to a laser cutter or the time! :slight_smile: So I think parts from your store might sell for folks in the same boat. But only you can know that based on your overhead costs.


@Shivasongster I see. As of now i only got the laser cut parts for the kits manufactured. The number i have ordered matches amount i needed to stock more kits than sold in the kickstarter.
Until now the demand for replacement & additional parts isn’t very high, so i don’t really know if it makes sense to stock ready made packs of each element.
I will def. talk with my manufacturing partner to learn more about the pricing for the parts if bundled in per element-type kits.

Another way would be verifying the designs with a service like as they do on-demand production.