Laser cut parts package?

As many people may have found, there are a LOT of ways to execute the laser cut parts. Once you get to playing around, you may have more ideas about trying new things. The parts are also a bit fragile. I had to glue my Wingman and Material Drum already due to damage from falling off my table during a jam.

So I was wondering if there’s any possibility that Dadamachines would add a shopping cart item for purchase that would just be a supplemental kit of the laser cut parts, screws, and plastic bits - no solenoids. This would be for those who wish to build additional rigs for the same set of solenoids, or to help people replace broken parts.

Anyone else into this idea?


Just was coming online to look for exactly this. Replacement parts would be very helpful.

@Shivasongster @ctaborn The designs for the laser cut parts are available on github now:

Feel free to make your own versions.

Before making lots of parts, please make sure your settings for the laser cutter are right. The files for the production batch where quite different because another type of machine was used. The released files worked fine on the laser cutter available in the local fablab.

While I am a supporter of the maker movement, I do not have easy access to a laser cutter or the time! :slight_smile: So I think parts from your store might sell for folks in the same boat. But only you can know that based on your overhead costs.

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@Shivasongster I see. As of now i only got the laser cut parts for the kits manufactured. The number i have ordered matches amount i needed to stock more kits than sold in the kickstarter.
Until now the demand for replacement & additional parts isn’t very high, so i don’t really know if it makes sense to stock ready made packs of each element.
I will def. talk with my manufacturing partner to learn more about the pricing for the parts if bundled in per element-type kits.

Another way would be verifying the designs with a service like as they do on-demand production.

hi to all.
I now that this thread is a bit old, but I want to say that I have laser cutter, in case some does not have access to this service, I can help to make the
spare parts that need.
I have made and sell many cases for raspberry pi, pine 64, lattepanda, axoloti core, mearm kit, etc. On ebay,Amazon,etsy…

Send a sketch in PDF to estimate the cost.
shipments are made from Spain to the whole world by letter.


Just wanted to chime in that I would also buy a package of spare woodcut parts and plastic bits if it was available!

The whole wooden parts are around 45USD at with free delivery and 1-day production I think. Didn’t check the acrylic parts.

wanted to check out laser cutting the parts on ponoko. i have to upload a svg file. how is the procedure ? i do`nt know how to download the svg file from dadamachine github. can you please help?
best kai

Use this link:

Select the folder for Wood or Acrylic as needed, then download the file(s) you need.

Further instructions in the readme file:

Thanks. Yes, but I didnt found out how to download the svg files on github. You can copy the link but thats not the data the laser cutter needs. I tried with a conversion tool but that does`nt work.
best kai

The svg file Ive copied is 888 Bytes. When I upload the file on ponoko, it shows a black blank preview ???!!! So, I think, thats not the right file and I did anything wrong.

Hmmm… I’m seeing a blank preview of the SVG as well from just the link on the Github page. PDF shows fine. So I’m not sure… you might want to go back through Dada support to see if they can resolve this. I haven’t had any parts made, so I can’t say why the SVG looks as it does.

Okay, anyway… thanks !!

Hi, did this ever get resolved? I could also do with some spare parts…


I know this is a few years old, but are you still offering laser cutting assistance?

Just wanted to put an update on here since I came back to this topic after several years.

SVG files need to be read by Inkscape or similar program. Even then, you will only see the outline of the parts if you zoom in very close. Use the Outline Mode (under View / Display) to see the outlines.

Coming back to this, I realized all I really wanted were the armatures, and didn’t need the Lego adapters or larger wooden parts. So I am in the process of rearranging the SVG files to suit my needs for the parts I want.

Since moving to a more urban area, I have access to many maker spaces now, so I am in talks with one to help me produce some of these parts. Will report back on how that goes.

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Just wanted to provide an update. I’ve had success finding someone nearby to print these. There was one hiccup with a scaling issue.

The program I was using (Inkscape) has a bit of a bug in terms of scaling. When I open the original files, they come in with 96 as the X scale value. I found a video showing how to easily fix this before saving the files. Changing to 72 corrects everything.

Inkscape Scaling issue with SVG Files

Otherwise, no issues. In my case I customized the SVG file to print only the parts I needed. Unfortunately, I see no template in the SVG for the angled bracket that can be used to re-orient a mallet assembly. It’s kind of a wing-shaped piece. Anyone have this in SVG form?

It’s been a hell of work so far, and after 5 attempts(!) of trying to 3D print the parts attached to the github repository I have to say that the scaling is totally messed up when imported to Blender.

Retopo was already a piece of work, but did anyone of you actually successfully 3D printed any part? Or is it only me? Because the parts always come out like 0.9x scale instead of the correct scaling. Or is it the original files in the svg that are messed up?